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offered Baggies

Post by peggy1258 on Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:07 am

art of the summer, having worked hard to overcome his knee problems with renowned physiotherapist Alex McKechnie.

The experienced England international has held talks regarding a move to The Hawthorns as he looks to resurrect his career, and Hodgson has now left the ball in his court.

The Baggies are convinced of his fitness to such an extent that an offer has been made, but manager Hodgson does not know whether joining his squad appeals to a player who may have other options to consider.

Hodgson said: "When I left at 6pm on Tuesday, Owen was just about to leave at the same time.

"And we made it clear: 'Look, we've done the test, we agree with you, and your man Alex, that the knee's OK and you can play football. And of course if you'd like to come and play for us that would be lovely.'
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"But whether or not our offer is going to be interesting to him, that's what I don't know.

"He was looked at by our doctor, Mark Gillett, who was at Chelsea, who's quite an eminent person in his field.

"And we had all the test results that he of course brought with him as well. And we spoke to his man, Alex McKechnie, who had been rehabilitating him for the last year.

"He didn't go through a stringent medical, but he was looked at by someone who should know what he's talking about."
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