Suddenly, an angry voice broke into Romeo's thoughts

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Suddenly, an angry voice broke into Romeo's thoughts

Post by heroisthai on Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:04 am

Suddenly, an angry voice broke into Romeo's thoughts, "Hey there! Villain !Romeo Montague!"
Romeo spun round in surprise. It was Tybalt, brandishing his sword.
"You rat! you lowly coward " shouted Tybalt. "Draw your sword! i will fight you and kill you right now !"
Romeo shook himself from his dreams and blinked at Tybalt in surprise.
"What's the matter? what have i done? " he asked.
Just then, Mercutio and Benvolio arrived. They quickly took up their places beside Romeo and drew thier swords.
"Oh, no, no fighting! " pleaded Romeo. "We're fam--------" he stopped. He'd almost told them his secret, that he and Tybalt were related now. He couldn't draw his sword against a member of the family.
"What's the matter with you, Romeo ?" hissed Mercutio. "Tybalt is a rude dog ! A crazy Capulet! Fight him!"
"No, i can't ! Please, my friends, let's go" Romeo urged desperately.
But Mercutio lunged at Tybalt. Romeo dashed between them, trying to pull them apart.
"Stop ! please stop !"
"Let me at you!" Tybalt cried, trying to stab Romeo, but missing and piercing Mercutio instead, who sank to the ground.
"Are you hurt, Mercutio?" cried Benvolio.
Romeo looked on in despair. "I'm sorry, my dear, best friend! Mercutio?" he cried.
But Mercutio was dead.
Romeo, eyes blurred with tears, crazed with sadness and anger, shouting and roaring like a lion, dashed at Tybalt and stabbed him straight through the heart.
Romeo stared at the crumpled, bleeding figure of Tybalt lying at his feet. “Oh, what have I done?” he whispered in disbelief.
“Dead” sighed Benvolio, shaking his head.”You reckless fool! This is serious. The penalty for fighting is death! Come !” Quickly he hurried Romeo away, just as the prince and his men appeared.

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