I dare not go home, thought Romeo as he ran through the streets

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I dare not go home, thought Romeo as he ran through the streets

Post by heroisthai on Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:04 am

I dare not go home, thought Romeo as he ran through the streets, the prince’s men will find me! Where can I go? Suddenly he pictured the peaceful monastery and the kindly Friar Lawrence: that was where he would go.
The friar was busy mixing up potions and herbal medicines when a dusty and breathless Romeo arrived.
“I’ve heard your sorry story already “ he told him gently, “but the situation is not as bad as it might be. Since the hot-headed Tybalt started the fight, you are not going to die. Instead the prince has banished you. You must leave Verona”.
“But what about Juliet?” cried Romeo . “I cannot be parted from her”.
“Don’t worry” said the friar. “Her nurse has arranged that you will see Juliet tonight, but secretly. First thing in the morning you must go to Mantua until the prince learns of your marriage and, we hope, forgives you”.
So that night Romeo and Juliet kissed each other and held each other all through the night, exchanging secrets and soft words of love. But in the morning….
“Don’t go, Romeo, please stay!” Juliet clung to him. “It’s still night”.
“I’m sure it’s light” said Romeo, but he didn’t want to open his eyes, he only wanted to stay with his love. “Is that a lark I can hear ?” he asked.
“No, no” lied Juliet. “It’s still night.It’s a nightingale”.
But the sun streamed in through the window and Juliet couldn’t hold Romeo any longer.
“I must go” said Romeo sadly. “I can’t risk anyone finding us together, not yet”
They kissed each other fondly and said goodbye.
Juliet was so miserable without Romeo, she wandered around the house weeping. She refused to dress or comb her hair.

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