As sunrise approached, Pocahontas ran toward

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As sunrise approached, Pocahontas ran toward

Post by heroisthai on Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:17 am

As sunrise approached, Pocahontas ran toward the site where the Indians waited with John Smith. Across the way, the settlers gathered, ready for battle. Just as the sun appeared, Pocahontas threw herself in front of Smith. She begged Powhatan to spare Smith’s life. "I love him, Father," she said, urging him to see the great misunderstanding that had occurred. "Look around you. This is where the path of hatred has brought us." Powhatan did look around. He saw the armed settlers and Indians standing ready for battle. And he heard the simple wisdom of Pocahontas’s words. Powhatan lay down his weapon and released Smith.

Ratcliffe urged his settlers to open fire. But they had seen Powhatan’s act of peace, and they lowered their muskets. Desperate now, Ratcliffe grabbed a gun from one of his men. Seeing Ratcliffe taking aim, John Smith threw himself in front of Powhatan. Before anyone knew what had happened, Smith lay on the ground, wounded by Ratcliffe’s bullet. He had saved the Indian leaders life at the risk of his own. As Pocahontas went to Smith, the enraged settlers grabbed Ratcliffe and took him back to the ship in chains.

John Smith was carried back to the settlement. He knew he had to return to England in order to survive. Yet, as he lay on his stretcher waiting for the Susan Constant to be prepared for the voyage back to England, he kept hoping Pocahontas would come to see him one last time. Finally, he saw her at the edge of the clearing. Behind her were Powhatan, Nakoma, and the rest of the village.

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