In the midst of the looting in north London

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In the midst of the looting in north London

Post by heroisthai on Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:49 am

In the midst of the looting in north London, I saw a young man being arrested for attempting to steal a TV from a shopping mall.
The plate glass windows had been smashed in and the steel shutters pried open. Police arrived to catch the man red-handed with a flat screen TV in his arms.
But no sooner had they slapped some handcuffs on him, they got word of another looting. They rushed off sirens blazing -- no time to cordon off the crime scene. It was just one of hundreds of incidents on Sunday August 7.
I saw plenty of looting over the next few days but that was the only time I saw someone getting caught in the act.
In the midst of the riots, many looters took advantage of the chaos.
But police pored over security camera videos and then a concerted social media campaign helped identify suspected looters, and many of them are now due in court or awaiting sentences.
So far, police have arrested more than 1,700 suspects. About 1,000 of those have been charged. Of those convicted some are receiving what seem to be tough sentences.

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