There has to be some way of opening it

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There has to be some way of opening it

Post by heroisthai on Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:11 am

There has to be some way of opening it. This is ridiculous."
When she couldn't find a button or lever of any kind, she tried pulling the back off once again, prying it with her fingernails. Then she tried turning the lens, but it wouldn't turn.
"I'm not giving up," she said, gritting her teeth. "I'm not. This camera has to open. It has to!"
"Give up. You're going to wreck it," Greg warned, reaching for it.
"Wreck it? How could I wreck it?" Shari demanded. "It has no moving parts. Nothing!"
"This is impossible," Greg said.
Making a disgusted face, she handed the camera to him. "Okay, I give up. Check it out yourself, Greg."
He took the camera, started to raise it to his face, then stopped.
Uttering a low cry of surprise, his mouth dropped open and his eyes gaped straight ahead. Startled, Shari turned to follow his shocked gaze.
"Oh no!"
There on the ground a few yards outside the first base line, lay Bird. He was sprawled on his back, his neck bent at an odd and unnatural angle, his eyes shut tight.

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