They didn' keep their gold in the house

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They didn' keep their gold in the house

Post by heroisthai on Mon Aug 22, 2011 2:20 am

They didn' keep their gold in the house, boy! Nah, first stop fer us is
Gringotts. Wizards' bank. Have a sausage, they're not bad cold -- an' I
wouldn' say no teh a bit o' yer birthday cake, neither."
"Wizards have banks?"
"Just the one. Gringotts. Run by goblins."
Harry dropped the bit of sausage he was holding.
"Yeah -- so yeh'd be mad ter try an' rob it, I'll tell yeh that. Never
mess with goblins, Harry. Gringotts is the safest place in the world fer
anything yeh want ter keep safe -- 'cept maybe Hogwarts. As a matter o'
fact, I gotta visit Gringotts anyway. Fer Dumbledore. Hogwarts
business." Hagrid drew himself up proudly. "He usually gets me ter do
important stuff fer him. Fetchin' you gettin' things from Gringotts --
knows he can trust me, see.
"Got everythin'? Come on, then."

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