Haggis, Forster and Wilson rewrote the story from scratch

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Haggis, Forster and Wilson rewrote the story from scratch

Post by jancancook on Sat Nov 05, 2011 6:08 am

Haggis, Forster and Wilson rewrote the story from scratch.[40] Haggis said he completed his script two hours before the 20072008 Writers Guild of America strike officially began.[37] Forster noted a running theme in his films were emotionally repressed protagonists, and the theme of the picture would be Bond learning to trust after feeling betrayed by Vesper.[41] Forster said he created the Camille character as a strong female counterpart to Bond rather than a casual love interest: she openly shows emotions similar to those which Bond experiences but is unable to express.[13] Haggis located his draft's climax in the Swiss Alps,[42] but Forster wanted the action sequences to be based around the four classical elements of earth, water, air and fire.[43] The decision to homage Goldfinger in Fields's death came about as Forster wanted to show oil had replaced gold as the most precious material.[39] The producers rejected Haggis's idea that Vesper Lynd had a child, because "Bond was an orphan [...] Once he finds the kid, Bond can't just leave the kid."[44] The water supply issue in Bolivia was the main theme of the film, with a story based on the Cochabamba Water Revolt.[45]

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