Prominent Tibetan writer and activist Tsering Woeser

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Prominent Tibetan writer and activist Tsering Woeser

Post by heroisthai on Sun Nov 06, 2011 12:49 am

Prominent Tibetan writer and activist Tsering Woeser told CNN this kind of protest will continue as long as the Chinese government's Tibet policy remains the same.
"If there is no improvement Tibetans will feel it's better to die than be alive. They commit suicide to protest," she said.
"The international community should impose pressure and condemn the Chinese government," she added. "But so far, the pressure is not enough, the international community only appeals to Chinese government but there are no real actions such as economic boycott."
In an interview with CNN last month, Woeser said Tibetan Buddhists can't use violence against others to protest, so they harm themselves to people pay attention to their plight.
"This is not suicide. This is sacrifice in order to draw the world's attention," she said.
China rejects accusations of oppression of Tibetans, saying its rule has greatly improved living standards for the Tibetan people.

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