Another type of circular accelerator, invented in 1940

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Another type of circular accelerator, invented in 1940

Post by jancancook on Mon Nov 07, 2011 8:08 am

Another type of circular accelerator, invented in 1940 for accelerating electrons, is the Betatron, a concept which originates ultimately from Norwegian-German scientist Rolf Widerĝe. These machines, like synchrotrons, use a donut-shaped ring magnet (see below) with a cyclically increasing B field, but accelerate the particles by induction from the increasing magnetic field, as if they were the secondary winding in a transformer, due to the changing magnetic flux through the orbit.
Achieving constant orbital radius while supplying the proper accelerating electric field requires that the magnetic flux linking the orbit be somewhat independent of the magnetic field on the orbit, bending the particles into a constant radius curve. These machines have in practice been limited by the large radiative losses suffered by the electrons moving at nearly the speed of light in a relatively small radius orbit.

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