By God, she's magnificent when she's angry, Jeff thought.

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By God, she's magnificent when she's angry, Jeff thought.

Post by heroisthai on Sat Nov 12, 2011 7:56 am

By God, she's magnificent when she's angry, Jeff thought.

Gunther said, "The diamonds are too well guarded. We're going to hijack the diamonds during the flight."

Tracy looked at him in surprise. "During the flight? In a cargo plane?"

"We need someone small enough to hide inside one of the containers. When the plane is in the air, all that person has to do is step out of the crate, open the De Beers container, remove the package of diamonds, replace the package with a duplicate, which will have been prepared, and get back in the other crate."

"And I'm small enough to fit in a crate."

Gunther said, "It's much more than that, Tracy. We need someone who's bright and has nerve."

Tracy stood there, thinking. "I tike the plan, Gunther. What I don't like is the idea of working with him. This person is a crook."

Jeff grinned. "Aren't we all, dear heart? Gunther is offering us a million dollars if we can pull this off."

Tracy stared at Gunther. "A million dollars?"

He nodded. "Half a million for each of you."

"The reason it can work," Jeff explained, "is that I have a contact at the loading dock at the airport. He'll help us set it up. He can be trusted."

"Unlike you," Tracy retorted. "Good-bye, Gunther."

She sailed out of the room.

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