It finally gave way

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It finally gave way

Post by heroisthai on Sat Nov 12, 2011 8:11 am

It finally gave way. Tracy pulled back the canvas and stared into the gloomy interior of the container. She could see nothing. She pulled out the flashlight and, at that moment, she felt a sudden change of pressure in her ears.

The plane was coming down for a landing.

Tracy thought, I've got to hurry. But her body refused to respond. She stood there, dazed. Move, her mind said.

She shone the flashlight into the interior of the box. It was crammed with packages and envelopes and small cases, and on top of a crate were two little blue boxes with red ribbons around them. Two of them! There was only supposed to be--- She blinked, and the two boxes merged into one. Everything seemed to have 'a bright aura around it.

She reached for the box and took the duplicate out of her pocket. Holding the two of them in her hand, an overwhelming nausea swept over her, racking her body. She squeezed her eyes together, fighting against it. She started to place the substitute box on top of the case and suddenly realized that she was no longer sure which box was which. She stared at the two identical boxes. Was it the one in her left hand or her right hand?

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