The house blazed with light and the windows were all open

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The house blazed with light and the windows were all open

Post by heroisthai on Sat Nov 12, 2011 8:30 am

The house blazed with light and the windows were all open. It was easy to creep inside and mingle with the guests.
"Where is Rosaline?" Romeo fretted, peering around."Where can she b---- ? "
He stopped suddenly. There, on the other side of the crowded room, was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. All thoughts of Rosaline instantly vanished.
"Oh, she is glorious!" Romeo sighed, gazing longingly at the girl. "I didn't know what beauty meant until tonight"
He forgot where he was and why, and set off immediately to talk to her and find out who she was.
But Tybalt, Lord Capulet's nephew, recognized him when he began to talk. "That's a Montague voice! It's Romeo. How dare he come to our house !" Tybalt raged, storming off angrily."I won't forget this! i'll pay him back for this outrageous insult !"
But Romeo was blind to everything except the beautiful girl. He squeezed beside her and whispered secrets in her ear. They laughed together and Romeo kissed her....He kissed her once, and twice, and would have kissed her again, but suddenly---------
"Juliet!" snapped a woman, pulling them apart. "Come, your mother wants you! "
"Oh, nurse!" cried the girl, running off. "You spoil everything!"
"Who is her mother?" Romeo asked the old woman.
"Why, the lady of the house, of course!" said the nurse.
"What?" Romeo staggered back. "A Capulet! Disaster ! I have fallen in love with my enemy! "
The party was almost over, most of the guests had departed, but Romeo crept into the orchard and hid.
I cannot sleep until i've had one more glimpse of Juliet, he thought. Please, Juliet, please show yourself.

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