Zuckerman signaled the captain

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Zuckerman signaled the captain

Post by heroisthai on Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:30 am

Zuckerman signaled the captain. "What are you drinking?" Zuckerman asked Tracy.

"Champagne. But perhaps---"

He raised a reassuring hand. "I can afford it. In fact, I am on the verge of being able to afford anything in the world."

"Really?" Tracy gave him a small smile. "How nice for you."


Zuckerman ordered a bottle of Bollinger, then turned to Tracy. "The most extraordinary thing has happened to me. I really should not be discussing this with a stranger, but it is too exciting to keep to myself." He leaned closer and lowered 'his voice. "To tell you the truth, I am a simple school-teacher--- or I was, until recently. I teach history. It is most enjoyable, you understand, but not too exciting."

She listened, a look of polite interest on her face.

"That is to say, it was not exciting until a few months ago."

"May I ask what happened a few months ago, Professor Zuckerman?"

"I was doing research on the Spanish Armada, looking for odd bits and pieces that might make the subject more interesting for my students, and in the archives of the local museum, I came across an old document that had somehow gotten mixed in with other papers. It gave the details of a secret expedition that Prince Philip sent out in 1588. One of the ships, loaded with gold bullion, was supposed to have sunk in a storm and vanished without a trace."

Tracy looked at him thoughtfully. "Supposed to have sunk?"

"Exactly. But according to these records, the captain and crew deliberately sank the ship in a deserted cove, planning to come back later and retrieve the treasure, but they were attacked and killed by pirates before they could return. The document survived only because none of the sailors on the pirate ship could read or write. They did not know the significance of what they had." His voice was trembling with excitement. "Now"--- he lowered his voice and looked around to make sure it was safe to continue--- "I have the document, with detailed instructions on how to get to the treasure."

"What a fortunate discovery for you, Professor." There was a note of admiration in her voice.

"That gold bullion is probably worth fifty million dollars today," Zuckerman said. "All I have to do is bring it up."

"What's stopping you?"

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