The professor added quickly

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The professor added quickly

Post by heroisthai on Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:34 am

The professor added quickly, "After expenses, of course."

"Naturellement. How soon can we get started?"

"Immediately." The professor was charged with a sudden vitality. "I have already found the boat I want to use. It has modern dredging equipment and a crew of four. Of course, we will have to give them a small percentage of whatever we bring up."

"Bien sūr."

"We should get started as quickly as possible, or we might lose the boat."

"I can have the money for you in five days."

"Wonderful!" Zuckerman exclaimed. "That will give me time to make all the preparations. Ah, this was a fortuitous meeting for both of us, was it not?"

"Oui. Sans doute."

"To our adventure." The professor raised his glass.

Tracy raised hers and toasted, "May it prove to be as profitable as I feel it will be."

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