The lights in the bodega dimmed

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The lights in the bodega dimmed

Post by heroisthai on Mon Nov 14, 2011 6:26 am

The lights in the bodega dimmed, and the small stage was lit by spotlights. Then the magic began. It started slowly. A group of performers casually ascended to the platform. The women wore colorful skirts and blouses, and high combs with flowers banked on their beautiful Andalusian coiffures. The male dancers were dressed in the traditional tight trousers and vests and wore gleaming cordovan-leather half boots. The guitarists strummed a wistful melody, while one of the seated women sang in Spanish.

Yo quería dejar
A mi amante,
Pero antes de que pudiera,
Hacerlo ella me abandonó
Y destrozó mi corazón.

"Do you understand what she's saying?" Tracy whispered.

"Yes. 'I wanted to leave my lover, but before I could, he left me and he broke my heart.' "

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