Ordinary morning conversation between lovers

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Ordinary morning conversation between lovers

Post by heroisthai on Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:12 am

Ordinary morning conversation between lovers. They're so free and easy with each other, Cooper thought. But how she would pay!

"Speaking of generous"--- Jeff's voice--- "guess who's staying at this hotel? The elusive Maximilian Pierpont. I missed him on the QE Two."

"And I missed him on the Orient Express."

"He's probably here to rape another company. Now that we've found him again, Tracy, we really should do something about him. I mean, as long as he's in the neighborhood..."

Tracy's laughter. "I couldn't agree more, darling."

"I understand our friend is in the habit of carrying priceless artifacts with him. I have an idea that---"

Another voice, female. "Dag, mijnheer, dag, mevrouw. Would you care for your room to be made up now?"

Van Duren turned to Detective Constable Witkamp. "I want a surveillance team on Maximilian Pierpont. The moment Whitney or Stevens makes any kind of contact with him, I want to know it."

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