Nor was there any trace of the diamond

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Nor was there any trace of the diamond

Post by heroisthai on Tue Nov 15, 2011 1:15 am

Nor was there any trace of the diamond. Jeff's and Tracy's persons and baggage had been thoroughly searched.

"The diamond is still in Amsterdam," Inspector van Duren swore to Cooper. "We'll find it."

No, you won't, Cooper thought angrily. She had switched pigeons. The diamond had been carried out of the country by a homing pigeon.

Cooper watched helplessly as Tracy Whitney made her way across the concourse. She was the first person who had ever defeated him. He would go to hell because of her.

As Tracy reached the boarding gate, she hesitated a moment, then turned and looked straight into Cooper's eyes. She had been aware that he had been following her all over Europe, like some kind of nemesis. There was something bizarre about him, frightening and at the same time pathetic. Inexplicably, Tracy felt sorry for him. She gave him a small farewell wave, then turned and boarded her plane.

Daniel Cooper touched the letter of resignation in his pocket.

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