Britain is the biggest economy in Europe outside

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Britain is the biggest economy in Europe outside

Post by heroisthai on Sun Nov 20, 2011 4:48 am

Britain is the biggest economy in Europe outside the 17-nation eurozone, which uses the euro as its currency, while Germany is the economic powerhouse within it.
The pair have not always agreed on the best ways to tackle the current debt crisis, which has seen attention focused on Italy and Greece in recent weeks.
Senior members of Cameron's Conservative Party have been calling for more powers to be brought back to Britain from Europe, as EU treaty changes are made to ensure economic stability.
Cameron, who has previously expressed concern that Europe's difficulties are affecting Britain's economic recovery, also downplayed divisions between the countries as he stood alongside Merkel.
"We have had a very good discussion between very good friends," he said. "There are many things on which we are in absolute agreement."

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