It seemed to be a handsome, leather-covered book

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It seemed to be a handsome, leather-covered book

Post by heroisthai on Sun Nov 27, 2011 4:14 am

It seemed to be a handsome, leather-covered book. Harry opened it curiously. It was full of wizard photographs. Smiling and waving at him from every page were his mother and father.
“Sent owls off ter all yer parents’ old school friends, askin’ fer photos … knew yeh didn’ have any … d’yeh like it?”
Harry couldn’t speak, but Hagrid understood.

Harry made his way down to the end-of-year feast alone that night. He had been held up by Madam Pomfrey’s fussing about, insisting on giving him one last checkup, so the Great Hall was already full. It was decked out in the Slytherin colors of green and silver to cel¬ebrate Slytherin’s winning the House Cup for the seventh year in a row. A huge banner showing the Slytherin serpent covered the wall behind the High Table.
When Harry walked in there was a sudden hush, and then everybody started talking loudly at once. He slipped into a seat be¬tween Ron and Hermione at the Gryffindor table and tried to ig¬nore the fact that people were standing up to look at him.

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