Ghost in my window

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Ghost in my window

Post by phantomdoodler on Fri Mar 27, 2009 6:15 am

Okay, i have a pic of the window on the front of my house but first read this:

Basically, i have been noticing weird things around my house for a while now. Doors closing on their own, things getting moved when no ones home and so on. Well the other day i was looking at the new "street level" thing on google maps and not even thinking about my possible ghost i decided to take a look at my house. Before i go any further i just want to clarify that this picture is absolutely not doctored in anyway shape or form and this really is my house. i would say go check it out for yourself but i dont really want to give out my post code on the internet. anyway, i will let you decide. I dunno if this is ghost evidence or not, but its pretty a scary way.


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