My Grandmother needs help and I need opinions

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My Grandmother needs help and I need opinions

Post by cdees on Sat Oct 10, 2009 9:15 pm

My grandmother is currently 92 years old and up until recently has always seemed to have everything mentally together and still functions at a rather high level. However, recently she says that at night in her house she sees random people of all ages. She says they talk to each other, laugh, and just keep her awake all night. She also claims to have seen her deceased husband twice and once he spoke to her as she sat up and tried to hug him and said that she could not touch him. The other time, as she got up he dissapeared. She claims to have seen the upper half of body of people sitting on her stove. She does not see them when she stays with other family members and does not see them when someone stays with her.

She claimed to see a baby floating in the air between the bed and the wall one night. She has also had a young guy get in her bed and said that she just closed her eyes and it went away.

We really need help rationalizing this. She has been to the doctors and they say a severe urinary tract infection could cause this but she has been medicated and that is now clear. Can anyone give us any explanation. She is currently under very little medicine.

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