Can I please get your take on this? ... I feel like need help.

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Can I please get your take on this? ... I feel like need help.

Post by tarrochka on Sun Nov 15, 2009 2:19 am

Hi there,
I have 4 recent occurrences which I was hoping you could shed some light on for me. I also added a little info on my previous experiences in case that helps. I'm just wondering what this is.

Okay, I haven't gotten any responses, and I think it's because I wrote too much and you don't feel like reading it. So here's a quick summary, and if you want to read the "story" at the bottom of the page, you can.

In this apartment, I've had the bathroom door lock me in, lock me out, slam when it was open, open when it was nearly shut, lock when it was unlocked, lock while I was trying to force it to the unlock position to get out/ I spent 5 minuted in the bathroom banging on the door to no avail, as my boyfriend does not beleive in spirits and thought I was just having a bad day and taking it out on the door (as I yelled and pounded on it trying to get out). I've had the radio turn on while it was "off" and play when it was unplugged(no batteries), I've seen shadow people, and I've had things disappear and turn up elsewhere. My wiccan friend did a ritual for me from her house, and directed me to do a "sage smudge" on my own,and to ask this being to please leave. I did and it all stopped.

It's been about 2 years, and suddenly some new things began happening.

I feel a presence in the bathroom when I'm in there, I woke up with a bite on my arm, I woke up with my doll on top of me on my bed, I asked for help and was told it was a recently departed child and that I should talk to it so I did, then I had a dream that I was sitting face to face with an olive skinned child (maybe 10?) and she was asking me sadly if I thought she looked "dark" and began to cry, saying that everyone says that about her. I've also heard a knock on the wall and a whisper- I had been sleeping too late and needed to get up for work. I thought "I should really get up now" and a voice said "yeah, sort of" preceded by three knocks on the wall. Last but not least, I was walking through my warm heated apartment, when suddenly I felt a chill and it grew so cold that I began to shiver uncontrollably. Later as I lay in bed, my chest began to feel as if something was quezzing me around my ribs, really tight. Now, it's possible that the squeezing sensation was a panic attack caused by the previous chill. But I'm still wanting to know your take on this. Thank you Smile

If you feel like reading on, here;s the "long version";

1) Last evening- I was just taking a nap on the couch, when I got a strange feeling like I needed to look up. So I did and there was something translucent-white (like smoke) standing in the doorway between the dining room and the living room. It looked almost like a chalk drawing. It looked like 3 people drawn together. Like something you would see at the scene of a crime, but it was standing. At first it appeared to be moving toward me. That's when I sat up and my vision focussed in on the fright. It stopped and just stood there in the doorway. Even as I sat there looking dead at it. It didn't budge. Then when my fear grew and I began to panic, it disappeared.

2) Yesterday morning- I slept in until about 11. I had to leave the house for work at 12:30. but I was still tired and decided to lie down for another 5 minutes. A few minutes later, I thought to myself "I really should get up now". Just then, there were 3 knocks on the wall which is against my bed, right beside me, and someone whispered "Yeah, sort of". I came out to the living room and asked my boyfriend if he had whispered something, or if there was someone whispering on the television a minute ago. He looked at me silently, and his eyes bugged out. Then I knew he hadn't.

3) About 2 weeks ago- I had a strange feeling when I went into my room to go to bed. It was as if something just was not right. I told myself "Oh, shut up Tarrochka- that's what you get for going to bed at 3:00 in the morning. You hear all the sounds and that's probably what's scaring you." So I passed it off as just my own mind, and went to sleep. In the middle of the night, I had that strange feeling again. I opened my eyes to see black lines coming down from the ceiling, directly above me. I told myself it was only a dream or a night fright or something, and thought to myself "What would Mike say about that? He would say, Tarrochka, your eyes were probably slit open and you probably awoke to see your eyelashes and they looked like lines coming down from the ceiling." So that in mind, I went back to sleep. In the morning however, I awoke to feel weight on me. When I pushed the covers off and got out from inside, I looked back and saw my doll on top of my bed. She had been on the totally opposite side of the bed, leaned up in an A-frame stance (with just her head and hands touching the end of the foot of the bed). She's the size of a 3 yr old. She apparently had been lying over me as I slept. I asked my boyfriend if he had tried to scare me and when I explained, he looked scared, and began trying to debunk it, but there wasn't anything to debunk. I searched to see if she had any velcro attaching her hands to her face which could catch on the blanket and pull her up, but there was none. She's not incredibly light, either. So I would think that if anything, she would have tipped over backwards and pull my blanket down with her. You know?

4) About 2 months ago- I was sleeping one night and felt a burning and stinging sensation on my left arm, just in one spot, the top. But I had a bit of sleep paralysis so although I wanted to move, I couldn't move very much. And I just went back to sleep, although the discomfort. When I awoke in the morning, I felt something in that spot on my arm. It was really sore in that one spot and when I asked my boyfriend to look at it, it was like someone bit me, but it was a small mouth like a baby. Now he says that my rabbit could have jumped up on my bed in the middle of the night and bitten me. And while I'm all for debunking anything that can be explained rationally, I'm not 100% convinced. The 2 problems I have are this; 1-My rabbit has never bitten me hard. What I mean is, she only nips feet when we rough house with her, but she never actually bites to be mean. When we roughhouse, we pet her roughly and she runs and jumps like a rambunctious puppy, but she never makes any mean sounds or bites to be mean. She does nip feet during that time, and it feels like a really, really tight pinch on the top of our feet. Now as you can see, I'm quite stumped. The bite I woke up with was red, but also bruised in one spot, and very tender on the inside and just overall very sore. But it began as a burning and stinging sensation, not a pinching one. I'm so confused.

Can you please shed some light on this matter for me? I was more afraid of the image I saw today, than anything else. The voice I heard yesterday actually did not frighten me in the least. Now, when I thought about it later and realized that the being who made that voice must have been lying in my bed with me, that kind of creeped me out, but I'm okay now. Thank you so much Wink

Just for background, I have had several other occurrences. Mostly in other houses. Just in summary,
in my last apartment, there was a time when I heard glasses or dishes clanging in the middle of the night as I lay in bed. I froze in fear, and then told myself over and over that it was a neighbor, and to shut up and go back to sleep. When I awoke in the morning, I was terrified to come out to the kitchen- afraid of what I'd see. But I told myself "Tarrochka, when you see everything right where you left it, you will stop all of this. Just look" Well I walked slowly into the kitchen, shaking, holding my heart pounding. But I made myself look, telling myself that I was about to look and see the truth- that everything was just as I left it. But when I looked, it was not. The dishes were all moved about, in the drainboard, and there were 2 broken wine glasses in the sink. By then, I could hear my pulse in my ear. I lived alone, and no one had the key to my apartment but me.

There was also a time in that old apartment, when I felt an uneasy feeling in the middle of my sleep, and awoke to see a smokey image in my bathroom doorway, facing my bed. Later, when my mother called, she told me that my great uncle had passed. When I told her what happened, she confirmed the time as a little while before he flatlined.

I have several others, but I don't want to take up too much space. One was my great grandmother walking into my bedroom and giving me advice when I was 11. However, she couldn't walk, she was an amputee. And the advice she gave me was for how to recognize that she was "gone" the next morning, and to wait for the crying and screaming in the house to stop before I came downstairs, so I wouldn't be too scared. And it came true. In the morning, there was loud crying and screaming which went on for hours, but I waited for it to stop and when it did, I came downstairs and was told that she had died, but of course, I already knew it.

When I was older, my mother and siblings and I had to live in a bank foreclosure, after our parents divorced. There would be this frightening man's voice, which would seem to come out of no where when I'd get undressed in the bathroom, before stepping into the shower. It was such a booming and deep voice, and the only thing it ever said was "Ha Ha Ha oh yeah" . In a very creepy way. I would go running from the bathroom without a shower. And no one would know why.

I guess I was hoping you could shed some light on this for me. And tell me if you think I am just someone who attracts spirits or if I have a spirit following me from place to place, or just what it is that's going on. I won't be afraid. I'm actually getting a video camera for Christmas, so that I can find out more about what's here with me. Thank you so much for your time.
Smile Tarrochka

EDIT- last night I we had the heat on and the house was warm, but as I walked through the house, I got a serious chill and began shaking very badly from the cold. When I went to bed for the night, I was lying in my bed for no more than 10 minutes, when I began to feel a tight, squeezing sensation in my chest, by my ribs.

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