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Alright, I'm about to the point where I may invest in some investigation material because things are getting a little crazy.. and for an extended period of time.

For the sake of argument, I'm going to leave out all experiences that could be conceived as old house noises, of which there are many.

Another point I would like to address is the EMF induced anxiety that produces feelings of being watched, etc. Now I have had these feelings, and they seem to be in line with the EMF anxiety symptoms, but in conjunction with other experiences, I feel as though it is something that should be noted, but can be ignored. Also there are no obvious outlets of EMF radiation. I have two electrical outlets, a light and that's about it. What is concerning is a light in my closet by my bed that doesn't seem to work. That could explain the possible EMF radiation that could cause anxiety symptoms. And I would like to note I don't feel comfortable anywhere in the house at night, but that might be because of the experiences.

Another point I would like to address is I live with 3 other people, but the experiences seem to gain intensity when no one else is here. Maybe that's because I just assume some of the experiences I have when they are all here can better be explained by the three other people occupying my residence.

Another point I would like to address is the experiences seem to be focused on the room that I occupy. And it is not just me, I have had people sleep in my bed while I'm not here and have experiences that I am going to outline below, and I have had shared experiences with my girlfriend at the time. One thing to note is no one else in the house has had these experiences, but the fact everyone who has slept in my room has had at least one experience strikes me as consistent.

I will now outline the experiences that I have had just in my room, while I'm in it.

One strange occurrence that has happened at least twice, is the dropping of coins. I do try to keep my coins in a coin collector, but I'm sure I have some "free floating" coins strewn about the room. The experience is I will be on the other side of the room, not moving or anything, with all my windows shut, and I will hear a coin drop. Now this startles me because there is no movement on my part that would constitute a coin dropping. And the weird part is it drops in the middle of the room, no where near a platform in which the coin was resting, and it never rolls, just drops. The last time this happened, the coin was dropped behind me and I turned on the light. It was in the center of the room and I nervously laughed as I felt a very cold area around the coin and no where else. That is pretty stereotypical and I found it amusing and also kind of unsettling.

Another occurrence were the strange dreams I had this summer that seemed to be a precursor to the physical experiences. I had a night terror in which I felt as though something was going through my face. It felt like I was being electrocuted just in my face, but I will just chalk this up to a night terror and it wasn't an actual physical experience, but it is something to note. From then on, I had reoccurring dreams of black shadow figures, and would wake up about the same time every night (3am-4am) feeling as though something was in the room and feeling very unsettled.

The experiences seemed to peak this summer when I had my girlfriend over. No one else was supposed to be home, and she knew this, and was startled when we both heard a door shut, and footsteps in the kitchen downstairs. She told me to investigate to make sure we weren't being robbed or something. I went downstairs, no one was there, no cars outside, and all the rooms in the house were unoccupied. This happened a total of 3 times that night, culminating in hearing footsteps start in the kitchen and walk to the bottom of the stairs and stop. When I went to investigate and look down the stairs for the person we both were convinced we would see, there was no one there.

The other experience happened while I was not here. A friend of mine slept in my room, and said she heard footsteps walk halfway up the stairs. She said she thought it was her friend (my roommates girlfriend) messing with her, but after a long wait, she heard no more footsteps up or down, and was extremely unsettled by the experience.

Last night was the first time I can remember having an experience on my own of something strange happening downstairs. My roommate was home, but was most likely sleeping, and I was awake at about 4:30 a.m. I heard the front door slam, and it was so obvious and loud, I just assumed it was my roommate leaving. However, I never heard the door shut for a second time. I thought maybe we were being robbed, but I heard no footsteps or rustling in the downstairs area, so I thought maybe my roommate had just left for somewhere. However, when I asked him this morning if he left at 4 in the morning, he said he did not, and as of now I cannot explain why I heard a door slam. Also the door was closed as it is very cold out and the heat is on. So the door must have opened, and then slammed shut.

Another experience I had was late at night when I felt a hand press down on my back. I was talking to a person online about a very painful death in the family at the time, and I was very startled and explained to the person what happened. I have also woken up with unexplained hand marks on my back that could not be my hand.

There are a plethora of other experiences that I have not shared, only because I do not wish for those to be singled out and scrutinized and make my personal stories of my experiences to seem fabricated or a figment of my imagination. I can share these experiences if people deem it necessary.

My major question is, is this thing trying to get my attention? Or is it just living its life in some alternative time line? Should I get an EVP recorder and see if I can talk to it?

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