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Post by GHOST MONK on Thu Mar 18, 2010 12:27 pm

This highway, outside of Shiprock, New mexico, is the "highway to hell" according to witnesses who have seen a "phantom car" appear out of no where during the full moon. Supposedly, this vehicle has run scores of other vehicles off the road and is reported to be responsible for 5 deaths. There is also a "mad trucker" who drives the highway and intentionally tries to run people down. Added to this is a pack of "demon hounds" who teeth are so sharp they can shred tires and will supposedly attack anyone who pulls off the road along the highway. Also there is the apparition of a "girl" in a white nightgown who has also been spoted. Funeral directors and police and the state and local police records show an unusual number of dumped bodies found along the highway, mostly either drined of blood and/or horribly mutilated. the road als has one of the highest rates of auto accidents in the state. affraid

PS: If this seems to be a topiic of interest, I'll gladly post some more "odd highway events" Thanks

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