"Ghost hunters should be licensed?

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"Ghost hunters should be licensed?

Post by GHOST MONK on Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:13 am

With all the gh coming out of the wall now-of-days, I know there are some honest, reliable, folks who try to do a service, of be paid ahead of time or for free.(Can't see them doing it for free) and try to provide an honest service but how does the public know anyone or a group claiming to be "gh" are to be trusted and not just out there to rip someone off. Not quite as easy to prove they have done much, not like having your house painted and you can visually see what kind of job was done. Sure "gh" can give advice on what might be there but I haven't seen many "gh" groups go about getting rid of what is causing the problem but maybe they aren't expected to. Anyway, if one is going to hold themselves as a "gh" what can he/she/them used to prove they have had sufficient training/education in all stages of the "paranormal". Not aware of any college or university that offers a degree in the "Paranormal", at any level. If I'm wrong , please let me know as I am "dying", to see the courses. It seems lots have paranormal investigation groups, investigation is the key verb, how to they investigated?, instruments used, etc. Shopping around might be the best method in picking a group, if one is in your area and trying to get references is a good idea as to how other folks think what type of job was done by a particular group.

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Re: "Ghost hunters should be licensed?

Post by Aesalon on Mon Apr 05, 2010 5:02 pm

*The majority of investigation teams (including mine) conduct investigations free of charge. (We do accept donations to cover costs, but NEVER ask for money from people who call us.)
*There are courses you can take and a few of these may even be helpful to become a better investigator - but none of them make one person more 'official' than another. (Some claim to make you an 'accredited' ghost hunter...these have no meaning as there is no accepted governing body or set of rules by which the activity is governed.)

This is always a 'hot button' topic when it comes up - the easy answer is 'No' ghost hunting should not be licensed, mainly because at this point there can be no agreement on how it should be conducted.

My set of advice for people looking to bring in an investigation group:
1: Check ID's - You should know who these people are, you are giving them open access to your home.
2: Check References - This may not always be possible, since some teams have privacy policies with clients, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
3: Know your options - try and find at least 3 teams in your area, look at them closely, they should be clear and upfront about their methods.
4: Interview them! - Dont' be afraid to ask them anything, once again, you are letting them into YOUR home.
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