Hunting Something That Might Not Exist

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Hunting Something That Might Not Exist

Post by GHOST MONK on Fri Apr 02, 2010 4:00 pm

Just pondered over the notion of are there or are there not ghosts? Just how much of a problem would it be that folks demanded concrete proof of the existance, one way or another, about the existance of "ghosts". Ghost hunters, ghost lovers, anything supporting "them" as existing, would have a field day trying to do just that but so far, the history of getting something that couldn't be refuted, on a "ghost", really doesn't have high marks on doing so.It seems to me the more verbal fanatics are on the side of believing in "ghosts", though there are probably just as many anti-ghosts rnning about yelling "fraud" but just not grabbing the attention. If they do exist, why can't they be eaisly found, at least more eaisly than it seems to be and if not, are the "hunters" hunting something to justify their importance or their existance in believe of something they really know doesn't exist but can't prove it or believe it does and still can't prove it. Question

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