The Ghost of Governors Bridge, Bowie, MD

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The Ghost of Governors Bridge, Bowie, MD

Post by skipster56 on Mon Mar 28, 2011 4:38 pm

I have been to the bridge, late night, and you can smell the stench of death all around. Unfortunately it comes from dead deer lying at the foot of the bridge, While filming a trailer for my new novel, we had a police officer directing traffic. He stated that it is the most heart stopping area in the entire county. He said they have no idea how so many deer can be killed, at the foot of the bridge, because it's a one way bridge and traffic must stop at both entrances before proceeding. The officer also said there are reports of people that have swerved and hit the rails on the bridge, trying to avoid a young girl standing in the center of the bridge. I can tell you there are no pictures of the girl, but there is definatley an eerie feeling, late at night, in the late fall months. We were filming in late October and even a few of the crew were frightened as they had to go under the bridge. Oh well, just another bridge, girl and baby, as there are around the country. I chose this bridge because of the name and the fact that investigators have claimed that this is the only urban legend that has not been proven false. Worked for me. It's down in Bowie, MD, close to Washington, DC, but on a lonely back road, that leads to an old rusty steel, one lane bridge. Just prior to filming there, there was an accident where some young teens were driving too fast when they came upon the bridge. One of the boys had his head hanging out the window of the car. They got too close to the bridge supports and it decapitated his head. Some of the crime scene tape was still there when we got there 3 weeks later. Definately worth checking out.

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