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Some tidbits

Post by [GHoST].Chuck on Tue Apr 08, 2008 1:20 pm

I'm going to nut shell some of my experiences.

At 16 I was told I had a ghost circle my ceiling when I was a baby when I was sick or hurt. I asked a uncle who didn't spend that family time like the rest of us and before I could finish asking him about the ghost he told me it was the creepiest thing he ever saw.

I've been to Bachelors Grove 5 times. Everytime I was there I captured something or experienced something. I do have some pics but having a hard time trying to find them. My g/freind at the time was a B**** and decide to throw my pics out, but I happened to find 3 of them. I'll post them when I find them.

During a Quiji board project ( for Sh*** and giggles) Me and my couin were playing and the pin on the navigator came off the board, it seemed to point to the door to our left. As it came off the board his dog sat up and stared at the door, kinda freaked out by this we asked "are you at the door" when all of a sudden the navigator (with the pin still off the board MOVED from pointing at the door and moved along the top of the board. A this time the dog jumped up and ran towards the door and then oddly enough began moving in the same direction the thing was pointing at to which it stopped at a window exactly in front of us, to where his dog followed then sat in front of that window and began growling just staring at that window. That was my creepiest experience to date and I have goosebumps just typing this thing.

Me and my cousin used to mess with this kid who was afraid of everything. He kept coming over to the house uninvited of course so to stop him we told him the basement was haunted. We would make fake tapes in the basement then would play it for him just to scare the crap out of him. One night while we were doing a tape we decide to grab some food, so we left the recorder on and left. When we came back and listened to the tape (here comes those goosebumps again) We heard what we did then heard us leave, we started playing video games on mute while listening to the tape. All of a sudden we hear this voice and seemed to say what we thought was Eden. So that freaked us out so we shut off the tape and went upstairs. Weeks later we went back down to the basement to play some ping pong, now usually we get crazyy after a while and would just start smacking the hell out of the ball. The ceiling of the basement was the studs of the upstairs floor so we would smack the ball and watch it bounce off the ceiling. The table was in the far back of the basement and my cousin smacked the ball it hit the wall behind my and hit the ceiling and as I look up the ball falls but I'm standing there frozen just looking up at the ceiling, my cousin came over and said what are you looking at, he then looked up looked at me and said "you have got to be kidding me" On the side of one of the wood beams was written Eden in red.

Thats a couple, I have more and will post more soon.
Sorry for any typos.

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