Kichirou cares

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Kichirou cares

Post by peggy1258 on Sat Jul 09, 2011 1:33 am

Kichirou cares about things. He needs to know things. He gets irritated when he kills when not necessary and when he kills them with out knowing there names. He would like to give them a refill barrel. He gets mad about when he gives his name to be polite and opponent doesn't give there name to him.
If he doesnít have enough information about a person he will not kill them. He fills it would not be right if there is not a good reason for a personís death. He likes to toy with his opponents to see how they handle it, but gets really cocky and foolish. Donít know when to stop toying till they actually get a little hit.
He respects his elders of his village and other senseiís. He is set on bringing people to justice by his own rules . But does care about the regular village rules he follows the villages rules to an extent.
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