The following morning when Tracy left the Ritz Hotel

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The following morning when Tracy left the Ritz Hotel

Post by heroisthai on Sat Nov 12, 2011 1:11 am

The following morning when Tracy left the Ritz Hotel, Daniel Cooper followed her. There was an intimacy between them that had not existed before. He knew her smell; he had seen her in her bath, had watched her naked body writhing in the warm water. She belonged completely to him; she was his to destroy. He watched her as she wandered along the Gran Vía, examining the merchandise in the shops, and he followed her into a large department store, careful to remain out of sight. He saw her speak to a clerk, then head for the ladies' room. Cooper stood near the door, frustrated. It was the one place he could not follow her.

If Cooper had been able to go inside, he would have seen Tracy talking to a grossly overweight, middle-aged woman.

"Mañana," Tracy said, as she applied fresh lipstick before the mirror. "Tomorrow morning, eleven o'clock."

The woman shook her head. "No, señorita. He will not like that. You could not choose a worse day. Tomorrow the Prince, of Luxembourg arrives on a state visit, and the newspapers say he will be taken on a tour of the Prado. There will be extra security guards and police all over the museum."

"The more the better. Tomorrow."

Tracy walked out the door, and the woman looked after her muttering, "La cucha es loca...."

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