Jeff looked at her in surprise

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Jeff looked at her in surprise

Post by heroisthai on Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:35 am

Jeff looked at her in surprise. "Don't tell me you fell for it? It's the oldest con game in the world."

"Not this time."

"You mean you believed him?"

Tracy said stiffly, "I'm not at liberty to discuss it, but the professor happens to have some inside information."

Jeff shook his head in disbelief. "Tracy, he's trying to take you. How much did he ask you to invest in his sunken treasure?"

"Never mind," Tracy said primly. "It's my money and my business."

Jeff shrugged. "Right. Just don't say old Jeff didn't try to warn you.''

"It couldn't be that you're interested in that gold for yourself, could it?"

He threw up his hands in mock despair. "Why are you always so suspicious of me?"

"It's simple," Tracy replied. "I don't trust you. Who was the woman you were with?" She instantly wished she could have withdrawn the question.

"Suzanne? A friend."

"Rich, of course."

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