Interesting Malfunction...

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Interesting Malfunction...

Post by Aesalon on Fri Sep 26, 2008 1:43 pm

Okay, here is the set-up:
My friend and I were running a preliminary house investigation (The owner has complained about feeling watched, 'skin crawling' sensations for no reason, unexplained noises waking her in the middle of the night and unusual irritability...we wanted to see if there was any reason to consider a full investigation, so we did a 2 hour walk-thru.)
We found no real evidence (A few VERY questionable EVPs, one erratic EMF spike and one (now two, considering this problem.) weird personal experience.

One of the things that we wanted to check out was that she claimed that she was woken at about the same time (12:15 AM-ish) every night, so we planned the prelim from 11PM to 1AM. Anyway, we planned to just sit and listen (while recording) from Midnight to 12:30 - believing that maybe there was a explaination of the nightly noise (I was sure that we were going to hear the guy across the street slamming a car door or blaring music or something.)
I was holding our video recorder, sitting on a couch facing my friend who had my RCA Digital Audio Recorder. About 10 minutes after we 'went quiet' there was a long creaking noise and then a light but sharp crack (Almost like closing an old wooden door w/ rusty hinges) I was sure that it came from outside, but my cohort though he had heard it from upstairs. (We did go and open and close every door in the house to recreate, but could not.) ANYWAY...we 'marked' the time on audio so we would know to listen to it on review.
The only problem was there wasn't any audio - The RCA had shut off at 12:02 AM, I was upset, but I assumed that it was my fault and that the RCA had just 'went to sleep' after we were quiet for a while...THEN we looked at the video. (The mic on the camera didn't pick up the noise either unfortunately because it was too busy picking up the rustling of my clothes. *sigh* though we do have video of us reacting to the noise, and we both reacted simultaniously. ) The best thing that we got out of the video is that the RCA was actually running the whole time - the camera was focused on that little red light right up until we heard the noise.

This is really the point of this novel - we have evidence that the recorder was running, but no recording, all you techsperts: shall we just call this a strange equipment failure or leave it open to being potentially paranormal?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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Re: Interesting Malfunction...

Post by Donn_DPS on Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:09 pm

That's pretty interesting. It may have just been bad timming. The equipmentjust "chose" that time to not do its job. It does happen from time to time but of course if this was in fact the case it's interesting that there was a "malfunction" at that time. At least you caught your reaction to it.

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