help me!!

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help me!!

Post by spooked on Mon Jan 11, 2010 4:55 am

okay, a few nights ago i had this wierd dream.

about a skinny med height girl with washed out brown hair.

she was holding a knife to me so i ran, i was still in bed and woke up with her standing over me with a knife, i got up and tried to run, but i got tangled in my sheets and fell, i fractured my tibia. she was standing over me and struck out with her knife, my mum burst into the room and she disapeared.

the same night my brothers pregnant fiance who is living with me had a dream where a mid height skinny girl with washed out brown hair was trying to smother her, she awoke and the girl really was there with her hand over her mouth, my brother her fiance woke up, and the girl moved over to my brother and was touching his back, my brother looked over to see his fiancee scared, and when he turned around she was gone.

last night, i kept seeing her in my dreams standing over me with her knife, i would awake to see her sitting on my bed, then she would dissapear.

last night also, my brother kept on seeing her running up and down our hallway, in between our bed rooms.

my brothers ex girlfriend died whilst pregnant to him in a car accident, she was stocky and short, with washed out brown hair, so the build between the one im seeing and her is different, because my broither has a new fiancee, and she is pregnant, could this be his ex coming back to haunt him?? could she have changed her form??

this is not the first time ive seen her since her death as i saw her standing in the middle of the road about 6 months ago..

i am really scraed, next time i see her do i try talk to her? how do i get rid of her!

***update*** i have been doing research and found out abot the white lady, everything fits from the trauma, betrayal, rural roads ect!!

i saw her again today, except this time she was sad.........i was sitting outside, when my brothers fiance walked out and then she got angry and disapeared

oh btw im 14, and apparently the younger have a better connection with paranormal stuff - is this true??

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