The church has been criticized for various

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The church has been criticized for various

Post by jancancook on Thu Mar 24, 2011 3:36 am

The church has been criticized for various changes in policy and leadership. In 1978 W. Wallace Smith became the first church president to retire rather than serve until death, becoming President Emeritus,[49] similar to the circumstances facing his son Wallace B. Smith two decades later.[50] President W. Grant McMurray, however, resigned as church president due to health, "family issues" and "inappropriate choices" in his personal life.[50][51][52][53] McMurray also did not name a successor, marking the second time that the succession decision had been left to the leadership of the denomination, the first being at the death of Frederick M. Smith and at the selection of Israel A. Smith.[50][52] Additionally, although he had been designated as successor by the previous prophet-president, McMurray's church leadership was questioned due to the fact that he was the first church president who was not a direct descendant of Joseph Smith, Jr., which was considered a distinguishing trait from other denominations of the LDS movement.[52]

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