Not sure if this is exactly the right forum...

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Not sure if this is exactly the right forum...

Post by peggy1258 on Fri Jul 08, 2011 7:36 am

This reminds me back in high school when a girl in our grade died after getting in a car crash. (She actually didn't crash into anyone, but instead turned too fast on a gravel road in the country and ended up flipping her car...) She was buried at a cemetery that I passed everyday on my way to school. My friend and I at the time had just started ghost hunting. We did actually check out that cemetery that the girl in our grade was buried at. We tried asking her questions, but, to our relief, she didn't answer back.

At the time, I think we were both unsure if that was the right thing to do or not. Now, personally, looking back - I don't think that just because you know a person that has died (whether they were family or just an acquaintance) means they don't want to speak with you any less. If anything, it might be the other way around. If that person's soul still remains here for some reason or another, I can't imagine why they wouldn't want to speak with you. It may be hard on you personally to find the strength in yourself to do so, but morally I don't believe that it's wrong.

As for places that are considered sacred, such as Ground Zero for example, I think that many Americans would frown upon investigating there. It's such a sensitive thing and many people wouldn't understand our desire to speak with the dead. They would consider it disrespectful. Like I state above though, if there are those that have not passed on yet and are stuck here on Earth in death, they may just want someone to talk to and to communicate with as best as we are able. Perhaps even help them find peace. I'm not saying I would personally go to these locations just to find out. I simply think that it is not wrong. The desire for knowledge and the want to help others is hardly wrong. However, many people lost family members and loved ones in these places, so out of respect for them, I think it's probably best just to let it be.
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