John Smith discovered that the settlers were also preparing for battle

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John Smith discovered that the settlers were also preparing for battle

Post by heroisthai on Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:16 am

John Smith discovered that the settlers were also preparing for battle. Ratcliffe wanted to find gold at any cost, and he thought the Indians were hiding it. Smith showed Ratcliffe the ear of corn Pocahontas had given him. He explained that there was no gold, but that the corn could be eaten, and it would make a welcome change from the settlers’ regular fare of biscuits and gruel. But Ratcliffe would not listen. He was more interested in finding his fortune than in making peace with the Indians.

While their people prepared to fight, John Smith and Pocahontas secretly met at Grandmother Willow’s glade. They wanted to try to prevent this battle. While they talked, Meeko and Percy ran into the glade, squabbling. Smith and Pocahontas tried to stop the fight but couldn't catch them.
Finally, Smith decided they couldn't separate the two animals. "Once two sides want to fight, nothing can stop them," he said sadly. Grandmother Willow, however, did not agree. She dipped a branch into the water, causing a small ripple, which grew bigger and bigger. When Smith and Pocahontas saw the ripples, they realized they needed to start the peace -- like the smallest ripple -- so it would grow and spread among the settlers and Indians.

As a party of Indian warriors descended upon them, Smith yelled to Thomas to run back to the settlement for help.
Moments later, Smith was accused of murder and dragged away by Indian warriors. Brought before Powhatan, Smith was condemned to die at sunrise the next day. Pocahontas tried to protest, but Powhatan scolded her harshly. Her father said Pocahontas had shamed him, and it was her fault that all this had happened.

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