Ed put his pistol on the tough guy and called

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Re: Ed put his pistol on the tough guy and called

Post by asdqwe on Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:51 am

Sometimes he enjoyed throwing his weight around, but the girl watching flattened it all out a bit. She saw that Hammond was hurt.

'You son of a bitch' she said to Ed. 'Leave him alone. I'll go with you, okay? That's enough.'

Hammond had collected himself a little, and holding his right side he made another move towards Ed. Ed cut the distance between them and Hammond instinctively put his hands up to guard his face. Ed grabbed Hammond by his testicles, squeezing with more than half his strength. The boy shrieked, breathed, then shrieked again. He feebly clawed at Ed's throat, but Ed kept the pressure on. He pulled and twisted as he squeezed. Hammond's face was purple, and his eyes like baseballs. Eliza began screaming.

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