7 year old little ghost friend

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7 year old little ghost friend

Post by icdeadpeeps on Sat Feb 14, 2009 9:55 am

Well I always kinda knew I could see ghost's since I was little. I never paid much attention but I could tell the difference because ghost's had a illuminating light coming from them differing in color.The humans didn't. My mom was in the middle of a divorce so I wasn't paying attention until recently. I went next door to the hollywood and highland Center. (Also I'm 13). Yesterday I was going to the bathroom and this 7 or 8 year old girl was standing in the doorway.I said excuse me and the little girl smiled and moved. There was a lady already in the bathroom and she said "Yes?". I said I was talking to the little girl in the door way. She said no one was there. She then said OK...Kinda like that girl is seeing things..So anyways that happened. The next day I went back and the girl was standing in the middle of a bunch of mannequins. I went over and said hi. She told me everything. She said the reason I only saw her is because she is a ghost. She said I must have a gift and that she was waiting for someone to notice her. We talked and she wouldn't tell me her name or how she died. She just wanted to talk about regular girl stuff like we were best friends. So I talked. I then took a picture just in case you could see her and you couldn't.I then told her I had to go home and she said bye, and she'll be waiting to see me again. I don't know this is so wierd. and if your not going to be nice the don't say anything at all. It is my buisness why I'm at the mall alone by myself and I'm not looking for attention..If your going to metion either one of those topics. Please don't.Thank you pale Blah Blah

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